“Over the course of our startup journery with TPRI, we had build various initiatives that led us to the creation of few products be it SYCLIQ, TRUESTATE and medical knowledge base.We approached Mr.Azmath of OrganicePRO to help us for with knowledge of Program Management Best Practices Hands-on Workshop, so that we could revist our existing program management processes and strengthen our ecosystem by applying these best practices. We are happy and infact extremely delighted to gather key insights to improvise and adopt few thought processes and metrics, that would have helped us to incremently change our product lifecycle and investments towards more positive outcome. Mr.Azmath has provided us with deeper insights on how to manage various multi-disciplinary initiatives and programs. I would undoubtedly recommend Mr.Azmath for hands-on workshop on program management and it’s best practices workshop. We infact are delighted to collaborate with him to build an automation tool for real-time tracking of program management systems and look forward to render program management as a service to startups and research organizations.”

Founder & CEO, TPRI (SYCLIQ, TRUESTATE and Medical Knowledge base)
Founder & CEO, TPRI

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